Selling Guide

Let us guide you how to sell your property successfully and smoothly…

1. Have All The Required Documents for Property transfer

We will assist you to acquire all the required documents in order your property legal status is compliant with the new laws that applies when selling a property.

2. Hire a Broker whose professional and personal values align with yours

Want to be sure that your Broker is the right person? Interview her/him prior signing Agency Agreement.

  • How many Listings you have?
  • What do you know about the area?
  • How often we will be in touch?
  • How you will negotiate for me?
  • What is your marketing plan?
  • Ask for RE License
  • I have listed my property with another Broker without success; why I should list with you?
  • Consider signing an “Exclusive Right To Sell Agreement” – less exposure, easier to sell; property is not “burned”

3. Property Valuation

Our Senior Certified Valuer will evaluate your property;
Right / Competitive price – fast pace sale.
Overpriced property – slow sale; usually sell for less than estimated.

4. Photo/Video/Drone Shooting

Make Your apartment irresistible! We will provide you our “Getting Ready To Sell Guide” with our secret tips how to prepare your property for sale.

5. Viewings/Open Houses

We will set up days/time for the viewing with at least 24 hours notice when the apartment is occupied (owners/tenants).
We will ask you to turn on the lights, “tidy up”, freshener the air and avoid any strong odors.
If your apartment is vacant, we can hold your keys; faster sale!

6. Negotiation

We will present you all the offers and guide/represent you throughout the negotiation. We will do our best to ensure “win-win” deal.

7. Initial Agreement-to-Buy/Pre-Purchase Agreement/Pre-Contract

This Initial Agreement-to-Buy (called “Engagement”), contains price, details of the sale terms and the payment schedule so that the property is withdrawn from the market. The amount of the advance payment equals to 10% – 20% of the agreed sale value. It must be signed by both parties.

8. Closing/Property Transfer Contract

After the due diligence checks have been completed by Buyer’s Attorney, usually 2-8 weeks, the Property Transfer Contract is signed, either by you in person or your lawyer with Power-of-Attorney.

9. Your Referral Is The Greatest Compliment!